We are a network of churches striving to be biblically healthy and actively working together for Christ’s church

We are a network of churches striving to be biblically healthy and actively working together for Christ’s church

Our mission is to do everything we can to help the body of Christ become biblically healthy through its leaders and vessels.


Table Fellowship Churches began in the 1970s. Although we have had several names and leaders throughout the years, what has been consistent has been a love of God’s word, a focus on planting and maintaining healthy churches, a strong emphasis on the development of leaders, and a desire to live out the connections seen between churches in the first century.


We believe our current name, Table Fellowship, reflects who we are and what we are doing. Christ’s fellowship with sinners is other referred to as his “table fellowship” with them. Our name reflects the fact that we are sinners who have been invited by Christ to fellowship with him and with each other. Table Fellowship is also a name used to describe the Lord’s Supper. We are able to gather together because of the death and resurrection of our Lord and because his death purchased our forgiveness and his life is what sustains and carries us. And Table Fellowship reflects how we want our life together to be practiced. All of our churches have a “seat at the table”. We are not a hierarchy of churches. We are a group of churches working together. It is our joy and obligation to provide Table Fellowship churches with vital help in the areas of pastoral care, Biblical training, and oversight, and leader development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Table Fellowship celebrates the work being done by true churches and faithful denominations throughout the world. There is a great harvest, and it requires many workers. We pray the Lord would raise up more groups of churches. However, while Table Fellowship celebrates many groups and denominations, Table Fellowship is not officially affiliated with any group or denomination.

There are currently eight churches in Table Fellowship. The churches are located in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Our purpose is not to make money. It is to help local churches be biblically healthy. However, there are definitely expenses in order to do this effectively. To help with ongoing and projected expenses, all Table Fellowship churches are expected to give a percentage of their overall contributions to Table Fellowship. New church plants and church revitalizations are not expected to give the same percentage as established churches.

We officially changed our name to Table Fellowship in 2017. Prior to that, we were known as the Alliance for Renewal Churches. We have been working with churches since the late 1970s.

Table Fellowship is led by a board which is made up of the Senior Elder from each Table Fellowship church, our missions director, pastoral administrator, and president. This board is organized, in many ways, like an elder team in a healthy church. The elder team will have a plurality of elders and a lead elder (the pastor). The elders are equal in authority but different in function. The lead elder is the “first among equals”. That is the role of the president in Table Fellowship. The president of Table Fellowship is Tom Kelby. In the same way a pastor provides vision and leadership to the church, Tom has been asked to provide vision and leadership for Table Fellowship churches. He has been asked to, in essence, “pastor the pastors”. Tom was pastor of Cornerstone Church in Spooner, WI. Tom is also president of Hands to the Plow Ministries, a ministry focused on teaching and training leaders in the church.

Our aim is to help churches to be biblically healthy. Obviously, we cannot guarantee that we will accomplish this goal. Every aspect of the health of a local church depends on the grace of God and the cooperation of his people. We are praying that we might be faithful and receive strong help from our Lord as we work toward our goal of “being biblically healthy churches”. And we are committing, by God’s strength, to “be there” for all of the churches our God brings to us, no matter their size. To find our more about who we are, we invite you to contact us. We would be happy to share more about who we are and what we do.


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Table Fellowship is a group of churches and missionaries on a journey together. We have committed ourselves to follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in the inerrancy of God’s word and in the life-giving power of his Holy Spirit. We are striving to be biblically healthy. That is why we provide care for pastors. We work with independent churches who desire oversight and pastoral care for their leaders.

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