We care for churches by caring for pastors.

We care for churches by caring for pastors.

The struggles for pastors can feel overwhelming at times. A feeling of loneliness or isolation is not uncommon. We’re here to help.


We recognize even pastors need pastors. We strive to maintain contact with our pastors. And we encourage them to freely engage with us on their own initiative. As we see with Paul’s relationship with Timothy, Paul’s concern isn’t just for the church in Ephesus, for instance, he cares about Timothy as an individual. As with Paul and Timothy, there will be some seasons when we are more hands-on than others. For instance, when the pastor is going through a personal or family crisis or when there are issues within the elder team, we will be more physically present. We long to listen, to pray, to counsel, and, when necessary, to engage. We are an outside voice that’s not just outside.

We don't just want pastors surviving, we want them and their church thriving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Text, email, phone, and personal visits. In some way, we are engaging with our people almost every week.

There is no one size fits all answer here. We will strive to help you work together and find Scriptural answers. We will help you communicate with the congregation in a healthy way.

Other ways we help



Interested in how we can help your church grow biblically healthy? Let's get acquainted.

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Table Fellowship is a group of churches and missionaries on a journey together. We have committed ourselves to follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in the inerrancy of God’s word and in the life-giving power of his Holy Spirit. We are striving to be biblically healthy. That is why we provide care for pastors. We work with independent churches who desire oversight and pastoral care for their leaders.

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